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![MVGL Logo](
![MVGL Logo](
Issue tracking for non-developers. Please ensure you read through this page on how to submit and handle issues.
## Information
* [Using GitHub Issues](
Please do not create any support requests using this tool. You may either submit help ticket to (recommended if it's related to an account issue where your email address or password is involved) or one our [support forums]( Only feature requests should be created and discussed here. If you'd like to submit a feature request you will need an account, you can [create one for free here]( Once you have created and account, confirmed your email address and logged in, you may go to [this page to view and create your requests](
## Using GitLab Issues
When submitting a feature request, there's a couple things to consider. It's very important to properly create a request so that it can be easily understood on what you'd like.
We love to hear new ideas on how we can make our site better! If you have an idea please let us know, however before you do please make sure someone hasn't already suggested this idea. Please check both our [Open requests]( and the [Closed Requests]( before making your request. Please take your time to explain how you'd like your suggestion to work, mock-ups are a bonus!
Each unique suggestion should have it's own request issue. Do not lump many suggestions into a single issue or will be closed out. This allows better tracking and discussion as well as voting on features you'd like to see.
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